My Story

I have always been involved in fitness throughout my life. It has always helped me to feel good about myself and discover new skills that I have!

After experiencing my OE in Europe and Australia I continued on to study at Waikato University gaining my qualifications in Education and Teaching. My career in Primary and Intermediate teaching for 11 years was based in the classroom as well as specialising in Dance and Drama. I also coached and organised a variety of sports teams and sports camps.

During the first few years of my teaching career, my fitness slowly started to decrease as work took over my life and stress eating began! Yes, the weight gain slowly crept up on me! Once I realised how much weight I had gained and how unfit I had become I joined a gym and started a boxing class 3 x a week. I loved this so much that I increased my exercise and started entering races again. While rediscovering my fitness, I felt the need to eat healthier food to fuel my body. With a lot of hard work, perseverance and determination after 8 months I had lost 20Kgs!

Once I had rediscovered my new skills and potential, I continued to keep my body healthy by exercising and training for new fitness events, as it kept me motivated and ready to complete the challenge with 110%. My passion in fitness and living a healthier lifestyle allowed my fitness repertoire to move into strength training, running half and full marathons, competing in a ½ iron man race, a tough mudder race, as well as dabbling in a few adventure races.

While working full time as a Teacher I followed my new passion and studied Personal Training. This lead to changing my career from a Teacher to a Personal Trainer as well as becoming a Netfit Personal Training Advisor - an education provider for the fitness industry.

Being a part of the fitness industry now since 2013 I have had experience in training individual clients through personal training and Pilates to help them achieve their personal goals. I lead fun and dynamic group strength and conditioning bootcamps, instruct Pilates classes, developed and run children’s fitness programmes, Adults fitness retreats and beach fitness boosters.

I absolutely love my job as a GO Fitness motivator, inspirer and teacher, as I can help people young and old every day to reach their potential and achieve their goals!

Adele Griffin


  • Bachelor of Education

  • Diploma of Teaching

  • Netfit Personal Training NZQA qualifications - Level 2, 3, 4

  • Classical Pilates Instructor - Basic, Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced

  • Qualified ZUU and Ankor Instructor



Adele’s incredible positivity in life is so inspiring! She is continually helping, motivating and encouraging everyone young to old around her! She is able to help them to reach their full potential and achieve great results to help them to live a healthier lifestyle for the mind, body and soul! - Rebecca Kelleher



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