Adele’s incredible positivity in life is so inspiring! She is continually helping, motivating and encouraging everyone young to old around her! She is able to help them to reach their full potential and achieve great results to help them to live a healthier lifestyle for the mind, body and soul! - Rebecca Kelleher

Personal Training

Working with Adele at Go Fitness has helped me achieve significant health and fitness goals. With Adele’s training and support, I have achieved my goal of completing four half marathons while improving my running time and avoiding injuries. I have also fulfilled my aim to be healthier all round, both physically and mentally. Adele has helped me improve my flexibility, endurance and overall strength, resulting in benefits in my fitness and all other aspects of my life. I enjoy Adele’s positive and encouraging approach – she loves her work which makes her sessions fun and rewarding, even when you’re working hard out! Training with Adele helps keep me motivated and focussed on my goals – so that I actually achieve them! - Louis Van Wyk

I have been working with Adele for the past year. She has been instrumental in helping me achieve my weight loss and fitness goals. She is totally organised, reliable and lots of fun. Her knowledge is extensive and our sessions are always varied. She has introduced me to boxing which I love! It had produced real results. I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer. - Sheena Cameron

I've been training with Adele for just over a year now & love it - not only have I seen great results but she's personable, energetic & genuinely a great person to be around at 6 am!  For me it's about having someone to give me new ideas & more effective exercises in less amount of time, with better results. In over a year, we've rarely done the same things twice; she's always got new, unique ideas for how to work out - she can whip up an impressive workout with simply a rubber strip & a mat! I like having someone to correct my technique & teach me how to do things properly which allows me to continue to practice them on my own and focus on strengthening my areas of weakness. She encourages me to keep going and she'll even do the hard stuff with me when I'm struggling which motivates me to push through and the results definitely show. - Laura Dolphin

I love my Personal Training sessions with Adele! The exercises she plans for me are a great challenge for my fitness regimes and they never stay the same! You might think you've done it before, but Adele will just up the intensity or vary it in some way. It makes it interesting, mentally and physically stretching and competitive - if you want it to be. It's always fun and filled with jokes. I don't question IF I'm going to exercise now, just HOW much I can! - Jenny Bennett


Pilates has eliminated my lower back pain and I can see a general improvement in my upper body strength and posture. I guess what surprised me too was how much a physical workout each session can be and having Pilates as part of my exercise regime has helped me to develop great core muscles! Adele is a great instructor who will always give clear step by step instructions and adapt, or advance exercises for all fitness levels and injuries. — Anne Chisholm

Pilates has been a great way to help me to recover from a hamstring injury. I also use Pilates as part of my very vigorous exercise regime to develop great core muscles! Adele is a great instructor who keeps the exercises flowing to provide a great work out. She will always give clear step by step instructions and adapt or advance exercises for all fitness levels and injuries.  - Kane Williamson 

Kids Fitness

GO Kids Fitness is such a fun and engaging way to get kids active! My daughter is so hard to motivate away from the screens, she agreed to try out a GO Kids Fitness programme and LOVED IT straight away. The best part is she is learning awesome information about the body and sports skills and on top of that her fitness is definitely increasing! Thank you Adele she absolutely loves it. — Jade Dobson 

My 11 year old son has gained so much more from the GO Kids fitness sessions over and beyond our expectation. He’s been physically challenged at every session in a fun environment; he has learnt the names and location of the various muscle groups he’s trying to develop; and he’s come away with nutritional insight and now looks at food labels when at the supermarket. I’m blown away as a parent. The Go Kids Fitness program is not just fitness, its over-all health targeted specifically to the age-group, and delivered expertly. I highly recommend Adele for her knowledge, her patience and her incredible level of expertise in kids fitness.   - Judy Revell 

My son is enjoying GO Kids fitness sessions so much! I have started to notice his posture improving or the case of just not having to nag him to hold himself up right :) Best of all, I've noticed that he's choosing to eat better foods and therefore staying fuller longer. He is super keen to get to sports camp, but we can't wait to see how he performs at his upcoming softball sessions later on in the year. Might blow his coach away!!!! Teresa Cowie

Thankyou so much for all of your hard effort and commitment you have given our daughter during the GO Kids sessions. We are quite surprised how much she is enjoying the fitness classes, especially as she isn't into sports. She loves coming home and telling us all about it and what interesting fitness or nutrition information she has learnt during that session. She is so keen to keep continuing. Thank you for all of your support. - Joanne Smith


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