Mat Pilates is a workout that is delivered using the dynamic movement system that focuses on improving flexibility and strength for the whole body. This is a great way to help strengthen the core, increase range of movement and flexibility as well as stretch out tired muscles from your day to day working load.

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In 2012 I had a major back injury due to postural and overuse issues. I was advised to only do Pilates as exercise. This did wonders for my back and at the same time I really enjoyed it. It helped me to understand how my body works and what muscles I needed to activate in order to support my back. This lead to learning more about Pilates and in tow gaining my Pilates Instructor qualifications in 2013, so I could help other people to experience the same magic!



  • $160 for 10wk block- 1 x class per week

  • $310 for 10wk block - 2 x classes per week

  • $25 casual fee per session - 1 x class

One to one sessions:

  • $70 1hr session per week

  • $60 45min session per week

  • $130 2 x 1hr sessions per week

  • $115 2 x 45min sessions per week



  • Strengthens the core muscles

  • Improves overall body range of movement, flexibility and strength

  • Allows you to have more body and muscle awareness

  • Great exercise for injury rehabilitation

  • Improves posture

  • Beginner and intermediate mat classes available

  • One to One Private mat sessions


Ellerslie - Leicester Hall, Corner Findlay St and Ramsgate St


Titirangi - Atkinson Road

Pilates has eliminated my lower back pain and I can see a general improvement in my upper body strength and posture. I guess what surprised me too was how much a physical workout each session can be and having Pilates as part of my exercise regime has helped me to develop great core muscles! Adele is a great instructor who will always give clear step by step instructions and adapt, or advance exercises for all fitness levels and injuries.
— Anne Chisholm

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