GO Kids Fitness are fun and educational programmes that will help your children to fine tune their performance in sports. GO Kids fitness programmes are designed to help children develop active and positive lifestyles through a combination of fitness exercises, body awareness and sports skills taught in a fun and safe environment.  

High performance athletes often need specialised training, practice and strategies that match their age and fitness levels.  GO Kids Fitness personal training sessions are run by myself who is a professional personal trainer and also a qualified teacher who is able to give special guidance to help strengthen children's bodies and to shield them from injuries for their sporting focus.

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I originally developed this programme to help children to be more aware of the importance of not just playing their sport, but how they can improve their performance levels and body awareness focussing on certain strength, mobility, agility and speed that will increase their level of fitness and strength for their genre of athletic abilities.

Throughout my experience in teaching and coaching children in a variety of sports, I have also integrated into the programmes teaching the children to understand how their body works and the importance of game attitude. I use different strategies to help them develop positive game play, warm up and cool down exercises, whilst increasing their fitness levels! As a personal trainer and a qualified teacher, these programmes utilise my skill set perfectly. 


One on one Personal Training  for children aged between 8-13 years (1 hr long sessions)

  • $60 1 session per week

  • $110 2 sessions per week

Personal Training for groups of 2 children aged between 8-13yrs (1 hr long sessions)

  • $40 each per child - 1 session per week

  • $70 each per child - 2 sessions per week

Personal Training for Sport Teams / Sports Academies for 8 yrs - 15yrs old

*prices depend on length of session and numbers in the team/group

  • groups of 5-8 children $180 1 hr session

  • groups of 9-12 children $220 1 hour session

* Packages are avaliable, please email for more info.


  • Specialised sports and fitness coaching for sports club teams / individual athletes 

  • Develops children's sports performance in muscular strength, agility, power, motor skills and endurance

  • Basic rehab/mobility training - support, modify and teach correct exercises for muscle tightness, weaknesses or imbalances

  • Major focus on exercise safety and effectiveness whilst delivering the exercise programmes progressively and with proper instruction

  • Promotes positive attitudes, increases self confidence and motivation towards their sporting specialty

  • Learn and understand essential fitness knowledge, how their bodies work and how to look after their bodies when playing in competitive sports


Green Bay - Stottholm Road


Ellerslie - Strength HQ, 11 Sultan Street

Adele is incredible, knowledgeable, passionate and a motivating children’s fitness coach! Adele is excellent at training children for their specific sports as she knows how best to get them moving, focused and have fun while striving for their goals.
— Judy Revell

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